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Layla Grayce

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Reason for the Season

 The house has to get ready for guests.  This year we have a special guest coming to our house.  The hostess is dressed in Santa's favorite colors, Black and Red.
White lights are the greatest accent to highlight objects in your house.  These are all around the mantel with very special cake plates in a variety of colors.

 Also, when you need just the perfect gift wrap, use lace and beads to tie together.  In this picture, I have used a while lace placemate and a red ruby tassle of beads.
 Don't forget some of those last minute gifts.  These Heritage Lace tea towels and pot holders sell for $8.00 each,  shipping for the month of December, FREE!
New Years Eve, already to celebrate the new year and be so thankful for the blessings upon myself and my family.