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Layla Grayce

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chandelier Prints for Sale

Shown here are the chandelier prints.  One is a linen fabric, sells for $42.00/yard in the style of a blouse with lace and bead trim around the neckline.  The desk accessories -- letter tray and pencil/pen holder are both made from 100% cotton, sells for $23.00/yard in the violet shade.  The labor performed in the desk accessories is supplied by my partnering with Goodwill Industries. 

If you see something here you like, just email Tea Time Consultants at  Or if you have an idea for another print, I am more than happy to assist in the design. 

Home/Office Accessories with Fashion

About five years ago I started designing office accessories  to make the Home Office more refreshing and inspiring.  Instead of solid colors in leathers, glass or chrome designs, I chose fabric prints.  The fabric line began as a new way to use colors that I wanted and not just what the show floor decorators had to offer.

After attending a Country Living magazine event in Chicago for "pitching my product" contest, I saw the need and created the niche.  By using fabrics which can be worn or designed for the Home Office, the homemaker can wear her favorite patterned print as well as having matching desk accessories.  Some ladies like butterflies, dogs or cupcakes, just to name a few patterns.  I like Chandeliers.