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Layla Grayce

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blessed 4th of July

Hope your family is ready for  a safe Red-White & Blue July 4th Holiday!  Shown here at Tea Time Consultants are the beautiful White Milk Glass pieces selling for $14.00 each.  For the month of July, the shippping will be free.

This milk glass looks so good next to cobalt blue glass with red roses.

Now that school is out and company is most likely to arrive sometime this summer, note some quick tips on "how to elimate clutter"  Since company is coming, start with the guest closet.  Anything that has not been used this year place in two piles.  One to go to Goodwill Industries, the other in the trash.  Also a good time management tool--only touch these items once.  Do not keep moving them from room to room.

Does your home/office have a folder system of action plans?   If not, start one, do not wait until year end.
Files should be labeled or I prefer color folders.  Red always means hot, pay immediately.  Yellow-to be called (phone orders for merchandise, call sick friends or family members).  Blue-pending.  Action has been taken, just waiting on results.  Such as a return scarf to the department store, waiting on the pending credit to show up on the statement.   Then I always had Orange-my special projects.  Green-travel plans

While going thru the house look for open spaces, which could hold bulky items like sweather boxes, unused bedding sets and winter shoes.  I can usually find open space in my laundry room, over top shelf in linen closets.
Also, I have noticed, many builders if they do not build custom cabinets, usually have space open below the range.  Hire a carpenter to place a half shelf, you will be surprised how much easier it will be to get acces to your pots and pans.

For July also, remember to make a red, white and blue dessert.  My favorite is cherry crunch with cool whip lined the length to look like the American Flag and blueberries in the corner.   Have Fun!