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Layla Grayce

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Air Brings New Lace

Shown here are some of the fresh new items of Heritage Lace.  Beautiful runners, great wall hangings all perfect for the fall colors just outside of our windows. 

If you live in Houston, you must bring your girlfriend and have a great morning at the Clay Baptist Craft Show.  Many of these small wall hangings are great gifts.  Each $10.00.

Heritage Lace does such a great job of combining colors and cut out work in their fall lace pieces.  We have a great selection currently in stock, as well as the holiday red and white potholders $6.00 each and the matching kitchen towels at $8.00 each.   Come by the craft show or Tomball Arts & Crafts or call us, we are just a phone call away.  281-370-9505.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chandelier Prints for Sale

Shown here are the chandelier prints.  One is a linen fabric, sells for $42.00/yard in the style of a blouse with lace and bead trim around the neckline.  The desk accessories -- letter tray and pencil/pen holder are both made from 100% cotton, sells for $23.00/yard in the violet shade.  The labor performed in the desk accessories is supplied by my partnering with Goodwill Industries. 

If you see something here you like, just email Tea Time Consultants at  Or if you have an idea for another print, I am more than happy to assist in the design. 

Home/Office Accessories with Fashion

About five years ago I started designing office accessories  to make the Home Office more refreshing and inspiring.  Instead of solid colors in leathers, glass or chrome designs, I chose fabric prints.  The fabric line began as a new way to use colors that I wanted and not just what the show floor decorators had to offer.

After attending a Country Living magazine event in Chicago for "pitching my product" contest, I saw the need and created the niche.  By using fabrics which can be worn or designed for the Home Office, the homemaker can wear her favorite patterned print as well as having matching desk accessories.  Some ladies like butterflies, dogs or cupcakes, just to name a few patterns.  I like Chandeliers.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blessed 4th of July

Hope your family is ready for  a safe Red-White & Blue July 4th Holiday!  Shown here at Tea Time Consultants are the beautiful White Milk Glass pieces selling for $14.00 each.  For the month of July, the shippping will be free.

This milk glass looks so good next to cobalt blue glass with red roses.

Now that school is out and company is most likely to arrive sometime this summer, note some quick tips on "how to elimate clutter"  Since company is coming, start with the guest closet.  Anything that has not been used this year place in two piles.  One to go to Goodwill Industries, the other in the trash.  Also a good time management tool--only touch these items once.  Do not keep moving them from room to room.

Does your home/office have a folder system of action plans?   If not, start one, do not wait until year end.
Files should be labeled or I prefer color folders.  Red always means hot, pay immediately.  Yellow-to be called (phone orders for merchandise, call sick friends or family members).  Blue-pending.  Action has been taken, just waiting on results.  Such as a return scarf to the department store, waiting on the pending credit to show up on the statement.   Then I always had Orange-my special projects.  Green-travel plans

While going thru the house look for open spaces, which could hold bulky items like sweather boxes, unused bedding sets and winter shoes.  I can usually find open space in my laundry room, over top shelf in linen closets.
Also, I have noticed, many builders if they do not build custom cabinets, usually have space open below the range.  Hire a carpenter to place a half shelf, you will be surprised how much easier it will be to get acces to your pots and pans.

For July also, remember to make a red, white and blue dessert.  My favorite is cherry crunch with cool whip lined the length to look like the American Flag and blueberries in the corner.   Have Fun!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

June Specials

With these June Specials I want to share a couple of tips.  When you desire a change for your mantle, switch out your mantle scarf and place it on top of your hutch for an eye catching beauty.

These Welcome Hangings are wonderful for House Warming gifts.  June Special  $10.00.

My favorite and hot seller of Heritage Lace patterns are the tea rose patterns.  Shown here, as a runner.  June Special $10.00 each.    Also shown in this photo are the beautiful ivory dinner napkins.  $6.00 each.

Shop early, shop often!   Do not forget to pick up your June Romantic Homes at Tomball Arts & Crafts.

If you like milk glass, stay tune to this site.  July shipments should be arriving at that time.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kentucky Derby Hat

What a beauty!  You too can wear this hat by following this tutorial.  Enjoy.
You will need Hat, rubber band, brooch 2yds netting and feather 3 to 4 feet. Loop feathers at base of hat.  Cross over in the back of the hat.
Grasp netting in one hand.
Secure with rubber band.
Place Brooch in center of netting. Secured                                                                                                    Align with back of hat.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Spring Items

Come into the Tomball Arts & Crafts shop in Tomball to enjoy these new Spring treats for your home.

These cute tea cups are all packaged and ready to go for $4.50.  Just add a bow!

Several colors to choose from, just pick one.

Also we have the beautiful soap flowers.  $10.00 each.

Citrus Sorbet anyone?  $6.50.  Great gift for someone.  Wonderful way to change out your guest bath with new colors.

Of course no cake plate can go without a lace setting.  Also try placing your desserts on the placemat over the cake plate.  Wow your desserts!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Love is in the Air

Just as you plan your special time with your honey, remember candle light, chocolate and roses.  These three (3) components are a part of your successful evening.