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Layla Grayce

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dining chairs accessories

Just wanted my Tea Time Consultant friends in on one little dinning room chair accent that is so fun to do when you want a slight change in your dinning room with guests coming.   Shown here at Christmas was the chair covers using 2 yards each of satin 36" width fabric and tulle in a slight different color with the glitter in  a length of 3 yards per chair or experiment with the length you want to drape behind each chair. 

First cut the satin length and gather at each chair with the tie at the back.  Then do the same with the tulle and make a big, full bow.  After the bow is in place, use your favorite accent piece, which mine shown here had the pipe cleaners with attached sparkles and Christmas accents in raspberry colors.

No sewing involved, easy to switch out for Valentine's day.  I think for February I will use my favorite color of pink and reds with the white bows.

NOTE:  Little brain teaser
How many F's are in the following sentence?  Finished files are the result of years of scientific study and also years of experience. 

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