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Layla Grayce

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Clutter Queen


I have been taking lessons from my friend, America's De-Clutter Queen, Cyndy Salzman. My upstairs office was a complete mess. It took me twice as long to get tasks accomplished because of my clutter.
First, I decided what I really needed within my reach when working at the office. Second, I wanted to choose colors that would inspire me, motivate me to do my work in my office and not in front of the TV. My colors were going to be black and white with red leather accents.
I moved everything off the work area, made two stacks. One for filing and one for work to be done. Since I am a designer and decorator, I organized my decorating magazine in a stand up file. The more paper in a stand up file, the less area is taken up on top of the work area. Make and label file folders as necessary.
I do keep my printing paper near my printer, however, you could place the paper on a table below the printer in order to give you more work area.


  1. What a difference a little rearranging can make. Your office really looks nice and appears much roomier.

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by. You mentioned your step-daughter had stomach problems? I think I do too but its not too too frequent. Just a few times a week where I'll be in a lot of pain when I eat and have no appetite. Its very frustrating. Sigh.
    I'm glad to hear your daughter has gotten better from it and found a happier life. That's really wonderful and it inspires me to believe that it can be a permanent change.

  3. You've certainly made a very workable space. Congratulations. I need to redo my workspace too, thanks for the inspiration.