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Layla Grayce

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tea Vocabulary

High Tea to some tea drinkers represents an afternoon of pleasurable socializing with friends. In the Victorian times, high tea was the working man's last meal of the day. An earlier supper which allowed him to get to bed before dark, it also provided him with the substenance needed to perform hard labor. A combination of hot dishes, chicken, game or ham served with salads, breads, cheeses, and an endless assortment of cakes and condiments, this meal consisted of anything available in the pantry. For the most, it was the bridge between a light brunch and simple breakfast.
Afternoon Tea, on the other had, was generally a custom for higher society, whether that of the aristocracy or the prosperous middle and upper-middle classes. A delicate affair, this meal was served in the late afternoon, long after lunch and several hours before dinner. It was appreciated as much for the company as for the meal. It became an excellent reason for an invitation extended or visit made.
The freshly brewed tea is too hot to gulp, but it will cool. You can simply sit and wait until the boiling liquid settles into comfortable warmth.

This location in Overland Park, Kansas is my favorite catalogue and as you can see, has a wonderful tea room.

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