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Layla Grayce

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Fun Project

Decorating my home and customers' homes are the best times I have at using my creative thinking side of my brain.  I love color and spend a lot of time in comparing tints and shades of various color blends.This project has some beautiful colors and more can be shown by using glass objects to help reflect the light. 

Tools needed:   Scissors, damp cloth, clean dry jar, water and decals

Directions:    First wet the area where the decal will be applied. Cut loosely around decal and place in a bowl of tepid water.
                     Wait 30 seconds or so until you can 'feel' the decal separate from the paper.  Then carefully slide decal onto surface.  Be careful not to crease the decal.
               Lightly wipe decal with a damp cloth or paper towel in order to smooth out any bubbles.   Allow to dry.  Option: Apply a coat of clear varnish over the object to seal the decal.                                                                                                         

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